Designed for Construction Safety Leaders Responsible for Corporate-Wide Culture, Strategy & Best Practice Implementation

Advancing Construction Safety Leadership is designed for senior safety decision makers, focused on firm-wide strategy, culture and process. You’ll learn how safety VPs and Directors are complying with corporate responsibilities, managing their department and deploying industry best practices to promote safety for all staff on every job.

This year’s highlights include:

  • An in-depth understanding on mitigating the impact of COVID-19 to ensure safety maintains at the forefront whilst optimizing efficiency, productivity and profitability
  • Insights into developing culture from afar: how to turn staff into safety proponents, gain executive level buy-in, and sharing lessons learned in leading an organizational culture where safety comes first
  • Discussion on OSHA standards: best practices in how to keep up to date, remain compliant, and act most cost-effectively in an industry driven by regulations
  • Technology spotlight: hear how your peers are implementing and strategizing the latest innovations to improve process

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"The conference brought together a diverse group of industry folks all after the same thing. Always good when a group like this has a common goal to strive for and a sincere interest to learn more about it."

Hunt Construction


"The presentations were substantive, reflecting advanced preparation and consideration of what would be valuable to the audience - good content, good discussion topics and, best of all, collaborative and knowledgeable people."

Gilbane Building Company