Pre-Conference Focus Day

Monday, January 24
12:50pm - 4:30pm

Mental Health Focus Day

1:30 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

1:35 pm Creating a Culture of Openness: How to Actually Get People to Acknowledge that it’s Okay to Not be Okay


• Understanding the psychology of staff, how different people currently deal with mental health challenges and how it can impact their work
• Hearing successful examples of how a mental health awareness campaign has shifted the narrative and created channels for people to communicate and open up
• Assessing how to review the success or failure of a mental health improvement campaign: how do you know if you’re having an impact, given the qualitative nature of mental health?

2:20 pm Audience Discussion: How to Track & Influence Mental Health Without Interfering with People’s Personal Lives


This is your opportunity to share your stories with peers on your table, and to identify lessons learned across the whole audience, not just the speakers on stage. You’ll discuss:
• Hearing examples and stories of mental health problems in construction: what were the causes, symptoms and consequences?
• Comparing levels of activity across contractors: how do you track, measure and investigate mental health without becoming overly interfering?
• How do you measure the success or quality control your mental health campaigns, given the qualitative nature of the problem?

2:50pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:20 pm Substance Abuse: Conducting Tests, Managing Legality & Supporting Staff

  • Ron Adams VP Risk Management, Baker Roofing


• Benchmarking the legality, rules and expectations of substance consumption, factoring in medical use and legalization in many states: what should be tolerated?
• Determining the appropriate balance of testing to ensure safety without burdening processes or eroding trust
• Identifying the signs of substance abuse and how to deal with it to support staff, while setting clear expectations on the consequences

4:10 pm End of Focus Day