Roland Leal II, GSP

Roland Leal II, GSP

Company: Holt Construction Corp

Job title: Assistant Director of Safety


Ensuring Internal Buy-in to Adopting New Technology to Upgrade Your Safety Program & Keep Up with Industry Trends 10:50 am

Discussing the importance of monitoring industry trends and their alignment with your company’s needs Offering an accurate assessment of the costs, efficiencies and benefits created with the adoption new technologies Facilitating incremental introduction of new technologies to ease the adoption process and ensure user familiarityRead more

day: Day One

Panel: Discussing Emerging On-Site Challenges to Strengthen Your Safety Approach & Prepare for the Unexpected 10:40 am

Understanding how the introduction of new jobsite technologies help mitigate the consequences of a retiring field workforce and skilled labor shortages Understanding how a proactive leader should assist their project teams to develop the ability to be predictive, and implement controls before they are needed Ensuring an effective top-down pre-planning process ahead of a project…Read more

day: Day Two

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