Ron Adams

Ron Adams

Company: Baker Roofing

Job title: VP Risk Management


Identifying Problematic Working Habits & Realigning Workers with the Proper Safety Culture 2:20 pm

• Effectively addressing and dispelling safety-lax culture as a means of increasing productivity • Understanding the incremental nature of bad habits and the importance of early readjustment • Discussing tactful communication methods when addressing everyday tasks, particularly with experiences workersRead more

day: Day One

Panel: Determining Red Lines & Minimum Safety Requirements for Subcontractor Approval to Maintain the Integrity & Effectiveness of Existing Safety Protocol 4:00 pm

• Ensuring a safety-first culture is maintained when suffering a labour shortage • Disqualification protocol, what should be taken into account before a decision is made? • Standardizing a company attitude surrounding disqualified firms, is there a way back in?Read more

day: Focus Day

Benchmarking a GCs Approach to Subcontractor Prequalification to Reduce Risk On-site 10:00 am

• Outlining points to consider, including insurance, safety record and past job experience • Offering an account of potential red flags and possible resolution • Streamlining the process as to facilitate an effective and timely prequalification processRead more

day: Focus Day

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