Ron Adams

Ron Adams

Company: Baker Roofing

Job title: VP Risk Management


Delivering Training in a Hybrid World that Works for Technophiles and Technophobes 11:30 am

• Exploring the role of virtual training post-pandemic: is this something that should stay as supplemental support, or should all training go back to being in person? • Reviewing best practices for training virtually when social distancing or other factors reduce the ability to conduct in-person training: how to apply to a physical job site?…Read more

day: Day Two

Audience Discussion: Incident Response, Investigations & Documentation 4:40 pm

• Gaining confidence that your jobsite staff will do the right thing immediately after an incident occurs: will the training kick in, or will they freeze? • Ensuring that investigations are conducted in an open, unbiased way that encourages truth and continuous improvement • Developing robust documentation expectations from training through investigations to ensure you’re…Read more

day: Day One

Substance Abuse: Conducting Tests, Managing Legality & Supporting Staff 1:40 pm

• Benchmarking the legality, rules and expectations of substance consumption, factoring in medical use and legalization in many states: what should be tolerated? • Determining the appropriate balance of testing to ensure safety without burdening processes or eroding trust • Identifying the signs of substance abuse and how to deal with it to support staff,…Read more

day: Focus Day

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