Delivering Safer Field Environments & Improving Worker Well-Being to Make Construction a Desirable Industry for the Next Generation of Talent

Despite heightened regulations, construction remains one of the most hazardous industries to work in and so it is important to go beyond the latest regulatory updates to tackle only the most present and critical problems facing safety of workers in the field today. Leading construction firms and safety professionals acknowledge the indispensable relationship between a seamlessly integrated safety culture and elevated project performance.

We joined over 100+ Vice Presidents, Directors, and other Senior Safety leaders at Advancing Construction Safety Leadership 2024. It uncovered how to gain executive and cross-functional buy-in, cutting-edge best practices for refining training protocols, anticipating evolving risks, instilling accountability, nurturing future leaders, and supporting mental health in the field.

At Advancing Construction Safety Leadership Conference we created an experienced peer led environment to understand best practise in rolling out a safety strategy considering both field level challenges and corporate buy-in. Being led by leading experts in the field each session promised actionable insights to empower you in reshaping your organization's safety strategy and propelling it to the forefront of the industry.

Our 2024 Expert Speaker Faculty Included:

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"The program was very conscientiously developed to be inclusive of issues affecting today’s construction industry." Director of Safety, Alberici Constructors

"Great opportunity to speak with others and be able to share best practices for my company as well." Vice President of Operations, Skanska USA