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Redefining People & Data Strategies to Move Construction Safety from Reactive to Proactive

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to demonstrate how safety can act not as a cost, but as a profit center, and address the critical risks at the heart of today’s safety crisis - from physical safety hazards, mental health and well-being, to substance abuse.

Whether you are looking to apply data analytics to get ahead of incidents, improve your safety record and enhance commercial performance, or for practical process developments leading contractors are making, this conference will provide the lessons you need to take your strategy to the next level.

Why should you attend?

Establish & Maintain a Safety-First Culture & Field Environment

The pre-conference focus day addresses how you can ensure a safety-first organizational culture by building trust from the top down, ensuring ownership and investing in the right talent

Innovate Training to Foster the Best Talent

Upskill and retain staff through innovative, interactive and engaging field training approaches and ensure that middle management benefits from both field and project-specific knowledge and soft skills


Uncover Unexpected Safety Threats On-Site

Understand how safety leadership support field teams in becoming more proactive and predictive as well as explore pressing and emerging on-site challenges and the technologies that help combat them

Raising Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness

Understand how to formulate prevention strategies to maintain workforce wellbeing by optimizing your internal processes and setting accurate project delivery requirements and expectations

Learn from the Experience of Construction Safety Leaders

You will connect with and learn from dozens of forward-thinking leaders in the field through panels, audience discussions, and networking sessions

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