Partnership Opportunities

Following the pandemic, many contractors have reprioritized safety as a critical area for investment. From dedicated EHS software and data analytics applications to jobsite hardware such as drones, reality capture and hazard detection, now has never been a better time to adopt the cutting edge.

At a time of critical skills shortages and increased risk, contractors are also shopping around for outsourced training services and insurance brokers.

At Advancing Construction Safety Leadership 2022 we strictly limit the number of vendors presenting on stage, and ensure a heavily contractor-weighted audience. Therefore there are only a handful of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.

You could:

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Deliver an in-depth presentation, such as a case study alongside a client

Advancing Safety Leadership 2022 Bullet Point

Exhibit in our refreshment area in close proximity to delegates

Advancing Safety Leadership 2022 Bullet Point

Host a drinks reception, audience discussion or other activity