2023 Partners



Expertise Partner

Smartapp.com™ is a first-of-its-kind unifying Fusion Platform that can turn your Jobsite into a Smartsite™, and bring all your construction management automation into one unified place. We connect software, hardware, and open APIs to help you consolidate and connect your tech stack. You can replace the multiple tools you’re managing, syncing, and licensing; connect to the ones you want to keep, or even use our no-code platform to build your own apps and extend your automation capabilities. Everyday we empower project teams to transform the way they plan, dispatch, track, and most importantly, automate the work they do.




Innovation Partner

SkillSignal is Construction’s only all-in-1 safety & compliance platform. Jobsite safety is essential but also exhausting every day. With SkillSignal’s collaborative apps, save 2 hours every day and reach 100% compliance faster.