Integrate a Culture of Safety Leadership, Robust Onboarding & Innovative Technology into Jobsite Operations

Contractors are under pressure to deliver projects to tighter schedules with less experienced workforces. Training and onboarding are being innovated post-pandemic, disruptive technologies are being implemented, and there is a renewed focus on mental health. All of these factors are competing for the time and resources of safety functions.

At the 3rd annual Advancing Construction Safety leadership 2022, you’ll hear how to drive accountability and soft leadership skills across your jobsite managers and executives, ensuring that safety is integrated into every step of the process, from preconstruction and scheduling to construction operations and completion.

Join our niche audience of safety & HSE leaders, at which conversations are open, transparent and focused on the timeliest challenges faced by you and your peers.

"The conference brought together a diverse group of industry folks all after the same thing. Always good when a group like this has a common goal to strive for and a sincere interest to learn more about it."

Hunt Construction

"The presentations were substantive, reflecting advanced preparation and consideration of what would be valuable to the audience - good content, good discussion topics and, best of all, collaborative and knowledgeable people."

Gilbane Building Company

Our Expert Speaker Faculty Included:

Nicole Ivers Headshot

Nicole Ivers

VP Health, Safety & Environment

Batson-Cook Construction

Shawna Fraser Headshot

Shawna Fraser

VP Safety

Fraser Engineering

Kathi Dobson Headshot

Kathi Dobson

Safety Director

Alberici Constructors

Jon Lovejoy Headshot

Jon Lovejoy

Director of Safety

Summit Contracting Group