8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Improving On-Site Safety

8:40 am Case Study: Optimizing Field Risk Assessments to Account for Underground Utility Strikes

  • Cutler Knupp Strategy & Technology Investments Director, The Haskell Company


  • Addressing the consequences of underground utility strikes for increased awareness among both project decision-makers and field workers
  • How do you accurately evaluate the risk associated with an excavation operation and what are the technologies that help?
  • Formulating the necessary safeguards to be followed throughout the excavation operation in accordance with the identified risks

9:20 am Audience Discussion: Benchmarking the Most Transformative Tools & Technologies on the Market to Enhance your Safety Program


  • Understanding where and how you can create efficiencies in your safety program by adopting new technologies
  • Evaluating your technology options for construction safety and develop sensible piloting and roll-out strategies
  • Leveraging digital platforms for improved data tracking and ease of safety strategy evaluation and development

10:00 am Morning Refreshments

10:40 am Panel: Discussing Emerging On-Site Challenges to Strengthen Your Safety Approach & Prepare for the Unexpected


  • Understanding how the introduction of new jobsite technologies help mitigate the consequences of a retiring field workforce and skilled labor shortages
  • Understanding how a proactive leader should assist their project teams to develop the ability to be predictive, and implement controls before they are needed
  • Ensuring an effective top-down pre-planning process ahead of a project to gain common understanding on the tasks, tools to be used, and potential hazards

11:20 am Audience Discussion: Optimizing the Rollout of New Wearables to Ensure Awareness & Ease of Adoption Among Field Workers


  • Exploring new personal protective equipment solutions to discover the best fit for your company’s needs and capabilities
  • Emphasizing the why behind the introduction of new tools in order to secure workforce compliance
  • Understanding how to best complement your choice of field technology with healthy data tracking and a well-formulated industrial athletic program

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

12:30 pm
Optimizing Stakeholder Collaboration for Safety Alignment

1:00 pm Optimizing GC Interactions With Insurance Companies to Ensure That Requirements Accurately Reflect the Circumstances in the Field


  • Redefining the dynamic, adversarial relationship between GCs and insurance companies by understanding the priorities of each party and formulating collective goals
  • Assessing the accuracy of insurance company requirements in accordance with the specific context of your field practices and respective safety benchmarks
  • Highlighting the importance of your safety strategy in securing the trust of your insurance company

1:40 pm Improving GC & Subcontractor Collaboration to Improve Safety Standards and Drive Industry Best Practice

  • Bob Kunz Corporate Safety Director, Dimeo Construction Co.


  • Ensuring early alignment of safety practices between the GC and the subcontractor
  • Discovering how early interaction with subcontractors creates a higher level of engagement and accountability to the safety standards of the GC to follow through on goals
  • Highlighting how the GC can support subcontractors in developing more sophisticated safety practices

2:20 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

2:30 pm End of Conference