7:00 am Check-In & Networking

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Centralizing Safety in Strategic Relationships

8:10 am Aligning Owners With the ROI of Safety for Informed Project Bidding

  • Kat Dobson Safety Director, Alberici Constructors Inc.


  • Establishing the priorities of owners to create strategic alignment and establish safety as a central pillar
  • Ensuring owners and contractors are aligned on project safety requirements on budget and schedule
  • Demonstrating ROI that resonates with owners’ objectives and improves client-contractor relationship

8:50 am Panel Discussion: Establishing a Robust Trade Partner Onboarding Process to Ensure Consistency Across a Diverse Network

  • Steven Brazel Vice President, John Burns Construction Co.
  • Deborah Magano Director of Field Operations, TEEL Construction Inc
  • John Hogan EHS Leader, Corporate Services, DPR Construction


  • Establishing trade partner safety standards and their existing policies at bid stage to ensure they align with your requirements
  • How can GCs effectively support and engage with partners of varying levels of experience and resources in meeting safety policy expectations?
  • Developing a comprehensive system for onboarding new partners as the project progresses

9:30 am Working With Trade Partners to Elevate Standards, Enhance Communication & Improve Accountability

  • John Hogan EHS Leader, Corporate Services, DPR Construction


  • In upholding safety standards clear expectations of roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing clear documentation protocols to foster accountability and guide effective trade partner communication
  • Defining a clear reporting structure and support process to make sure that trade partners hold themselves to account without fear of punishment

10:10 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Driving Accountability in the Field

10:50 am Enhancing Field Engagement by Bringing Focus to High-Risk Situations


  • Understanding and mapping how field risks evolve in a constantly changing environment
  • Exploring how to communicate, update and monitor the non-negotiables in the field in a timely manner without overwhelming field teams with documentation
  • Discussing how to create engagement with repetitive tasks to mitigate lack of focus and prevent injuries

11:30 am Driving Individual Ownership & Engagement of Responsibilities


  • Discussing the importance of accountability and how to translate this amongst field workers to transform their attitude towards work when unsupervised
  • Reviewing tools to help drive and monitor engagement in the field
  • Making field teams part of the discussion to develop actionable strategies and foster a culture of ownership

12:10 pm Improving Communication Between the Field & the Office to Ensure Clarity, Consistency & Transparency


  • Creating robust communication and monitoring processes across multiple sites to address the issue of limited safety personnel
  • Working with superintendents to disseminate policy and procedure rollouts effectively
  • Creating positive feedback loops to better understand the impact and gaps in safety management, as well as translating lessons learnt across project and site environments

12:50 pm Networking Lunch

The Evolving Risk Landscape

1:50 pm Understanding Evolving Safety Challenges in Novel Workflows to Identify & Reduce Risks in the Field

  • Troy Ogden Vice President - Safety & Learning, Brasfield & Gorrie


  • Exploring how emerging technology and construction processes are changing our perception of risk
  • Working cross-functionally to identify how to adapt existing workflows to accommodate construction innovation safely
  • Establishing a process of continuous improvement that includes safety first thinking at its core

2:30 pm Audience Discussion: Establishing a Strong Root Cause Analysis Methodology as a Preventative Tool


  • Reflecting on different methods to get beyond the how and to the why an incident occurred
  • Identifying and examining the correct data and behaviors to proactively prevent recurrence and identify/correct emerging trends
  • Understanding the balance of a timely but thorough investigation to ensure both detail and proactivity is employed

3:10 pm Hardhats & Helmets, What Are the Key Differences?


• Why is head protection such a hot topic?

• Understanding the difference between Type I and Type II

• What’s important to consider when choosing a helmet supplier

3:50 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Harnessing Advanced Technology

4:20 pm Keeping up With Industry Trends to Build the Latest Physical & Digital Tools into Your Workflow


  • Physical tools are being made available to help improve safety within the field?
  • Examining how construction digitization is improving safety and operational execution
  • Ensuring that safety is built into your technology testing and roll-out strategy

5:00 pm Using Data to Understand the Effectiveness of Your Safety Strategies

  • Matthew Koss Director of Corporate Safety, ECS Corporate Services


  • Understanding how to interpret safety performance from project data
  • Drawing on collective historic data to better understand safety performance
  • Recognizing safety performance data traps and how to avoid them

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:40 pm End of Day One