Pre-Conference Focus Day

Tuesday, May 30
12:30pm - 5pm

12:30 pm Registration & Networking

Establishing a Safety-First Culture in the Field

1:30 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

1:40 pm Optimizing Communication from Senior Leadership to the Field to Establish Organizational Alignment on Safety


  • Understanding the impact of a strong safety culture on the company bottom line
  • Learning the most impactful actions that senior leadership can take to support safety goals and reinforce a safety-first culture across the organization
  • Understanding that a strong top-down, bottom-up approach to safety is a win for everyone

2:20 pm Establishing a Culture of Empowerment to Create Safety Champions & Ensure Ownership


  • Creating a sense of ownership and control among field workers in how they work
  • Developing team building culture-driven activities to strengthen the commitment of your field workers’ to the company’s safety mission
  • Encouraging workers to take a stand against unsafe practices and their involvement on resolving the issue

3:00 pm Refreshment Break

3:30 pm Determining the Leadership Skills Required to Create a Safety-First Field Environment


  • Distinguishing between field and project-specific knowledge as well as the soft skills needed for effective middle management
  • Aligning the roles and responsibilities of field leadership with the company’s core safety values and expectations
  • How do you identify safety leadership talent and foster it for long-term scalable results?

4:10 pm Audience Discussion: Rethinking Safety Incentive Programs to Keep Safety Front of Mind For Field Workers


  • Moving away from a money-driven mentality and safety rewards programs in order to avoid shaping safety as a transaction
  • Understanding the qualities that strengthen your workers’ long-term and continuous safety compliance
  • Discussing how to integrate your safety incentive program so that the safe behavior of your workers is not dependent on it

4:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:00 pm End of Focus Day