Leverage Innovation to Enhance Company-Wide

Safety Strategy, Culture, & Process

February 18-20, 2019 | Dallas, TX

Focus Afternoon
Monday February 18

Conference Day One
Tuesday February 19

Conference Day Two
Wednesday February 20

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To focus in on the legalities of developing and sustaining an effective construction safety leadership strategy, we’ve dedicated this afternoon to a series of workshops focusing on how to build your insurance, manage accidents and incidents, and stay on top of claims to keep your operations running smoothly. Enjoy a series of interactive sessions over the course of the afternoon for a more collaborative learning experience.

How to Conduct an Accident Investigation & Perform Accurate Root Cause Analysis

  • Jack Frost Vice President of Environmental, Health & Safety, Matrix Service Company


Whilst the goal of a zero-incident workplace is as important as ever, accidents remain relatively frequent in the construction industry – with the occurrence of fatal incidents currently increasing. Though your role is to manage strategy to prevent and predict these accidents, when they do take place, what are the steps you need to go through to investigate its cause thoroughly and accurately? This interactive session will go through just that, to ensure you have a robust process and trained staff when you need it.

Audience Discussion: Breaking Down Insurance – Ensuring You Have the Right Cover & How to Manage your Documentation


  • Sharing thoughts on insurance: to what extent is business coverage considered within safety strategy and/or bidding for work—and should it be?
  • Benchmarking industry understanding in what is or isn’t covered by insurance, what types of insurance can be acquired, and how insurance requirements may differ for each project
  • Sharing tips and tricks on how to manage documentation for insurance purposes


Managing Claims: Worker Compensation & Automotive Litigation

  • Elsie Bentley Vice President of Safety, Health & Environmental, PLH Group


Claims, in whatever form, are a significant risk in the construction market. However, with the high-risk nature of the industry, eliminating their occurrence is unlikely. With this in mind, and in a leadership role, how do we best manage claims for both the individuals and companies involved? This workshop will analyze two common types of claims – worker compensation, and automotive litigation – and assess how to manage each, common examples and pitfalls, and key takeaways to apply to your own business for promoting best practice.