Leverage Innovation to Enhance Company-Wide

Safety Strategy, Culture, & Process

February 18-20, 2019 | Dallas, TX

Focus Afternoon
Monday February 18

Conference Day One
Tuesday February 19

Conference Day Two
Wednesday February 20

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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Working with the Wider Leadership Team to Develop a Technology Strategy That Prioritizes Safety & Ensures That Investment Positively Influences Metrics

  • Todd Brabson Vice President of QHSE, Aegion, Inc. Corrosion Protection Platform


  • Discussing the options for technology in construction safety: what are the tools available for implementation?
  • Analyzing business metrics to illustrate where technological investment is most needed: how to work with senior leadership to create a detailed picture of your organizational needs
  • Evaluating cross-functional utility of technology: can safety tools and applications be combined with other business units for maximum cost efficiency?

Technology Implementation Case Studies


Experience a series of shorter presentations that will outline how an application of new technology, and the impact it has had on organizational safety culture and outcomes.

8.50 – VR for Fall Protection
9.10 – Wearables to Monitor Staff & Alert Them to Hazards
9.30 – BIM as a Walkthrough for Planning

Morning Refreshments

Case Study: Experiences in Integrating & Implementing a New Safety Software


  • Exploring the safety software selection process: hearing the steps taken and metrics considered when choosing a new tool to utilize
  • Discussing experiences in implementing safety software business wide: common challenges and successes to learn from
  • Sharing a real-world example of initial integration and utilization of safety software: lessons
    learned for future ventures

Audience Discussion: Experiences in Leveraging Software & Technology Company-Wide to Enhance Overall Safety Practice


  • Discussing current industry uptake in utilizing company-wide technology and software strategies: what’s the ROI?
  • Breaking down reasons against investment: can we improve the usage of software & technology industry-wide to better our safety performance?
  • Sharing success stories and lessons learned in implementing corporate-wide technology and software initiatives

Training Leadership & Innovations

Training the Trainers: Ensuring That Middle Management Are Executing Their Training of Job Site Staff to a High Quality Standard

  • John LaPorte National Safety Director, Core Construction Group


  • Assessing industry process in translating safety expectations from the boardroom to the boots on the ground: how are standards communicated, and through whom?
  • Identifying current levels and methods of training for middle management in maintaining site safety
  • Exploring ways to track the quality of training from middle management to improve site-wide compliance

Networking Lunch

Exploring Best Practices in Writing SOPs to Make Them Appropriate for Every Worker on Every Job Site

  • Lyle Sieg Executive Vice President of Safety, Harris Rebar


  • Comparing process in putting SOPs together and developing strategy to benchmark your current standards
  • Understanding the usage and importance of readable SOPs for all competency levels on-site: how can they be improved industry and company-wide to enhance site safety?
  • Hearing tips and tricks on writing high quality SOPs: can the industry standardize this process to ensure high standards regardless of specific teams?

Learning How the Latest in Decision Making Can Be Applied to Staff Training & Safety Leadership


  • Exploring human decision making: how, and why do we make the decisions we do?
  • Breaking down the influencing of behavior: thinking beyond behavior-based safety
  • Promoting safety through a risk vs reward: examining the value and limitations of incentives to encourage compliant practice

Sharing Success Stories & Lessons Learned in Developing Company-Wide Training Programs

  • Joe Barnes Director of Safety, Mesa Southern Well Servicing


  • Discussing industry-wide training strategy for site safety: what is the need for a single company-wide program?
  • Exploring how programs can be developed to cover all levels of a business, appreciating differences in levels of understanding and engagement
  • Hearing positive and negative lessons learned from creating a comprehensive training program, and how to apply them to your own business

Chair’s Closing Remarks

End of Conference