Turn Everyone into a Safety Leader

8:40 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:50 am Keynote: Driving a Culture in which Superintendents & Field Managers Take Accountability for Safety & Demonstrate True Leadership

  • Colin Lane General Superintendent & Safety Director, Metro Walls


• Recognizing the changing experience levels, age and personality type of project managers and superintendents: what are the soft skills they need to develop?
• Understanding how to clarify the expectations on jobsite leaders: what is ‘leadership’ and how can people be self-aware and improve their own soft skills?
• Resetting culture so safety becomes integrated into everyday behaviors rather than a box-ticking compliance exercise

9:30 am Panel: Defining Leadership & Benchmarking Methods to Train Superintendents & Field Managers

  • Nicole Ivers VP Health, Safety & Environment, Batson-Cook Construction
  • Randy Pitre General Superintendent, Skanska USA Building
  • Tyler Williams Field Innovation Leader, DPR Construction


• Articulating what leadership looks and feels like: how do you define it so that field staff know if they embody it?
• Benchmarking approaches to train leadership: what is the role of classroom theory, on the job trail and error, practical exercises etc?
• Exploring how to drive motivation: what if a superintendent doesn’t seem to care about leadership, or the training isn’t working?

10:10 Morning Refreshments & Structured Networking

10:50 am Gaining the Buy-In of C-Suite Executives to Prioritize Safety & Embed it into Every Aspect of Company Thinking


• Exploring how to improve relationships between c-suite and field operations staff, creating a sense of accountability among executives for safety
• Driving an attitude that safety is an integral part of every job in every function, from preconstruction to the jobsite, rather than a siloed compliance function
• Proving the financial benefits of safety from improved quality of work, more affordable insurance, winning work and employee retention: making safety a profit center

11:30 am Interactive Session: Selling Safety to the Construction Field

  • Rodd Weber Corporate Director of Safety & Quality, The PENTA Building Group


This session will explore transferable lessons from the world of sales into construction safety, including role-playing exercises and a presentation

  • Hearing how to make a good first impression and identifying the needs of your ‘buyer’ including the skill of active listening
  • Understanding how and when to ‘present’ your solution and overcome objections to your proposals
  • Revealing how to ‘close the sale’, with the intent of maintaining a long lasting, cooperative relationship

12:30pm Networking Lunch

Leverage Technology to Reduce Risk

1:30 pm Audience Discussion: Benchmarking Ideas on How to Drive Leadership & Accountability Through Every Level of Your Firm

  • Rob Miller VP – Safety, L. Keeley Construction


This is your opportunity to share your stories with peers on your table, and to identify lessons learned across the whole audience, not just the speakers on stage. You’ll discuss:
• How do you define leadership: what are the soft skills and attitudes that you talk to your jobsite leaders about?
• How is leadership and soft skills integrated into safety training? What are the methods, tools, approaches you use to embed the right behaviours?
• What are the ways in which you identify the right or wrong behaviour in staff, make them aware in a constructive way, and drive improvement?

2:10 pm Determining Which Emerging Tools Should be Prioritized for the Job Site Based on Their Ability to Reduce Exposure & Identify Hazards

  • Nicole Ivers VP Health, Safety & Environment, Batson-Cook Construction


• Reviewing job site observation tools from mobile data collection tools to crane cameras: what are the different tools out there and how can they be implemented?
• Leveraging drones and other jobsite technologies to reduce the need for people to expose themselves to hazards
• Understanding what data can be pulled from these tools and setting the vision for future analytics to further improve safety

Manage Subcontractors, Contracts & Documentation

2:50pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:20 pm Working with General Counsel to Develop Streamlined Contracts with Trades that Focus on What You’re Realistically Willing to Enforce

  • Jon Lovejoy Director of Safety, Summit Contracting Group


• Recognising that contracts with trades are often signed with numerous terms that are then not enforced, and the potential damage to credibility this is
• Reflecting on what is truly important from a safety perspective: what are the critical things that should be highlighted for trades and they should be help properly accountable to?
• Understanding the relationship between safety, general counsel and other stakeholders to collaboratively improve contracts on an ongoing basis

4:00 pm Panel: Ensuring Subcontractors Are Adhering to Contracts & Cultural Expectations Across All Your Job Sites


• Gaining visibility over the critical elements of subcontractor contracts: how do you and they keep track of expectations in the many pages of legal text?
• How do you continuously track compliance with contracts, given the constant coming and going of different individuals across so many jobs sites?
• Driving compliance and cultural expectations to 3rd tier subcontractors and anybody else entering a job site that doesn’t have a direct contract with the GC

4:40 pm Audience Discussion: Incident Response, Investigations & Documentation

  • Ron Adams VP Risk Management, Baker Roofing


• Gaining confidence that your jobsite staff will do the right thing immediately after an incident occurs: will the training kick in, or will they freeze?
• Ensuring that investigations are conducted in an open, unbiased way that encourages truth and continuous improvement
• Developing robust documentation expectations from training through investigations to ensure you’re protected

5:20 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:30 pm End of Day One